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Visitor event storyline

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1 Visitor event storyline on Wed Sep 08, 2010 9:08 am


First off I didn't make this up, it has been pieced together from Extractions.
1.Aliens appeared.
2.Dr.Bing wanted to make a time machine to stop the aliens.
3.Dr.Bing sent Maplers to collect Crystanols in the future.
4.Crystanols in the future is the Main energy source of the future.
5.Future's environment is being polluted due to the lack of Crystanols.
6.Suits were designed in the future to protect themselves from the contaminated future environment.
7.The future Bing and others went back to the present to stop the Operation.
8.Suits malfunctioned recently and their invisibility disappeared.
9.Omega sector started attacking them due to their appearance,they defended themselves, Stage one begins
10.Spaceship eventually crashed.
11.Future doctor bing reveals himself
12.Dr.Bing makes sure this never happened,suddenly a black hole activator is being used to stop the time machine from being built.
13.You do exact the opposite of what you do in stage 1 knowing that they are not Aliens.
14.Doctor Bing meets his Future Self, A time paradox?
15.Everything goes back to normal.
16.Event ends.

Summary - Aliens appearing in the present made us ruin our future by going to the future and taking the Crystanol that we use as power in the future. So we came from to future to the present to stop ourselves from taking the Crystanol.

Remember - every time you kill a alien, you kill a mapler from the future Very Happy.

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Posting Maniac
Posting Maniac
i wish i was here for this event

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