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Versatile Merchantile

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1 Versatile Merchantile on Sun Jan 24, 2010 11:35 pm


V.I.P Member
V.I.P Member
Note: I will possibly be changing the prices now and then but whoever posts before the next price update still buy at that price.

Quest Mercenary:
I am offering quest help as long as I get paid for what i do. The prices below.
Lvl 10-20: 20K per quest
Lvl 21-30: 100K per quest
Lvl 31-40: 200K per quest
Lvl 41-50: 400K per quest
Lvl 51-60: (avaliable in future)

Ore Mercenary:
Meh, another way for you to make some money from cheap ores i can collect for you.
Oh, and the numbers in the brackets is the max amount i can collect for you. I might allow you to get more but obviously at a higher price.(No ordering after your order, at least 2 days after your last order was fulfilled before your next post can be used to get ores for you.)
Bronze:(40) 20K per ore
Steel:(40) 20K per ore
Gold:(40) 30K per ore
Adamantium:(40) 20K per ore
Orihalcon:(40) 20K per ore
Lidium:(30) 10K per ore
Silver:(30) 30K per ore
Amethyst:(30) 20K per ore
Aquamarine:(30) 20K per ore
Topaz:(30) 25K per ore
Sapphire:(30) 25K per ore
Black Crystal:(20) 100K per ore
Diamond:(20) 60K per ore
Emerald:(20) 30K per ore
Garnet:(20) 30K per ore
Opal:(20) 20K per ore
Dark Crystal:(20) 300K per ore
DEX Crystal:(20) 220K per ore
LUK Crystal:(20) 220K per ore
Power Crystal:(20) 220K per ore
Wisdom Crystal:(20) 220K per ore
(If any of those prices are too high plz tell me so I can change them but only if you have evidenceto support you reason)

Equipment Mercenary:
This is for weapon people who can seem to get their hands on a weapon or amour they need. I'm offering my service for you so that you get what you want and we're all happy. (at least I think you will be(Won't You ))
Lvl10-20: 20K per equip
Lvl21-30: 50K per equip (110K Above Avg)
Lvl31-40: 90K per equip (1600K Above Avg)
Lvl41-50: 140K per equip (240K Above Avg)
Lvl51-60: (avaliable in future)

This is all for now. Please leave all you posts for things on here or msg me privately so I can start helping you. and remember...
What's yours is mine
And What's mine is mine
Plz post about the prices if they dont seem fair and I may change them, as long as you have evidence to support what you are saying.
Note: I will possibly be changing the prices now and then but whoever posts before the next price update still buy at that price.

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